wheel confort

Product info for users

The Wheel Comfort Padded Footplate:

  • Helps protect bare feet
  • Helps maintain foot angle & placement
  • Helps maintain balance
  • Attaches securely to existing footplate
  • Easy to use/remove
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof (closed cell foam)

with wheel comfort
correct foot posture

With Wheel Comfort, feet are at their natural, fitted angle and placement. Bare feet and exposed toes are protected and balance is maintained.


Without an appropriate compensation for lack of shoes, toes extend further out and sensitive skin is exposed to the hard surface beneath.

with wheel comfort
feet are stable

With Wheel Comfort Padded Footplate, feet are secure and in their proper placement relative to your existing footplate and individual specifications.


Without the Padded Footplate, bare feet can slip offin any direction, creating cuts, scrapes or breaks.

with wheel comfort
feet are protected

The unique soft rounded edges provide bare feet additional protection from sliding off the footplate sideways.


Without shoes or the Padded Footplate, bare feet are exposed to everyday elements, both inside and out, while rolling or stationery.